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11th Oct 2022

Hurricane Ian exposed a flood insurance nightmare for homeowners in Florida

Residents on Sanibel Island, a small coastal community outside Fort Myers, suffered a direct hit. A lack of insurance could prove life-altering for them and many other Floridians.

29th Sep 2022

Hurricane Ian could cripple Florida's home insurance industry.

Hurricane Ian could cripple Florida's already-fragile homeowners insurance market. Experts say a major storm like Ian could push some of those insurance companies into insolvency, making it harder for people to collect on claims.

28th Sep 2022

Hurricane Ian will add to capital pressure for Florida’s insurers: AM Best

Major hurricane Ian’s impacts and losses are set to add to the capital pressure experienced by Floridian primary insurers and even the state’s new $2 billion Reinsurance to Assist Policyholders program is unlikely to make insurers whole again, given they now lack private reinsurance protection.

29th Sep 2022

Citizens’ Early Estimate of $3.8B in Ian Losses; Florida OIR Suspends Use and File

Hurricane Ian continued to churn through central Florida Thursday morning, leaving widespread flooding and wind damage in its wake. It was too early to know the extent of property insurance claims from the storm, although a few analysts and officials offered some preliminary estimates.

27th Sep 2022

Hurricane Ian threatens an already wobbly insurance market in Florida

Hurricane Ian certainly will cause billions of dollars in property damage amid a crisis in Florida’s insurance market that features withdrawal or closure of carriers and a tightening in the availability of reinsurance — that is, insurance for insurers.

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